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The Third Estate -
"Far From the Valiant Tourist"



The Third Estate is an alternative rock group from Albury, New South Wales. Their music and talent has seen them play in support of some of Australia's best talent inlcuding Cog, Mammal, The Galvatrons, Faker, Kisschasy, Trial Kennedy, Horsell Common and Grinspoon.

They are about to release a unique conceptual four-part album named "The Chronicles of the Four Horseman". This album will be released in in four chapters; Conquest, War, Pestilence & Famine and Death. Each disc will consist of four tracks and a music video to be distributed to stores throughout Australia, the USA and the UK.

The band will be touring nationally through 2009 to promote their four new releases. Get out there and check them out when they're in your town.

The Third Estate Live: