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"Canadians The Judes wrote a few songs, put them up in cyberspace and the next thing they knew, they were being invited to play in Australia. Michael Smith Investigates."

Michael Smith l Drum Media

"Hey Judes! Students put focus on filmmaking"
"Gushing young high school fans of pop-rock band The Judes are directing a new wave of Hunter hospitality to make the Canadian musicians feel welcome when they visit Australia next month..."

Thomas Fearon | Post news

"One night stand for The Judes in Kiama"

Kate Cliff | Work Experience

"With the help of a big budget record company behind them, The Judes have managed to get their music heard half-way around the world. Kevin Bull chatted to the guys about just how powerful 'word of mouth' can be.

The Entertainment & Lifestyle Publication for Newcastle

"What I saw happening on the night was a mass of people enjoying themselves, plus some real support for the upcoming Coastfest...?

Kevin Bull | Reverb News Article

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Reverb Press Advertisement

"Leading a Revolution"
"The Judes latest EP, Sunflower, is a catalogue of varying sounds. There are soft, seductive harmonies in Bide Your Time and raunchy, riff-driven energy in Plastic Surgery."

Thomas Fearon | Post news
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